Opening of the Green Ark

Yesterday we celebrated the official opening of the Green Ark in the Botanic Garden in Meise!

The Green Ark is a new home for the living plant collection with species from climate zones around the world. Amid a sea of new glasshouses, spanning 7100m², a dark mysterious visitor’s pavilion “ARK” seems to float. It consists of a multipurpose room and a deck that serves as a terrace, connecting the collection in its controlled climate and the public. Inside, the iconic wooden hyperbolic parabolic dome provides an authentic spatial experience, while on the outside, leftover material was ingeniously repurposed and fashioned into shingles, giving the exterior its intriguing appearance, almost like an animal.

Starting today, the Green Ark welcomes visitors to the Botanic Garden Meise. In the coming weeks, we will be happy to introduce you to some aspects of this special project and its journey. Stay tuned for updates!

Client: Botanical garden Meise with the support of Agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf and Toerisme Vlaanderen
Architecture: NU architectuuratelier and Archipelago architects
Engineering: Studieburo Mouton (stability), Sweco Group (techniques)
Technical design greenhouse: Frans Zwinkels
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van Poppel; De Keyser Wood Industry, Deforche Construct



We won the competition for GUM – Plantentuin in Gent

We are thrilled to announce that NU architectuuratelier and Kollektif landscape have been chosen to develop a spatial future plan for GUM & Botanical Garden (Ghent). This opportunity revolves around merging the botanical garden and GUM (Ghent University Museum) into one experience, shaping an enclosed space of knowledge and envisioning the spatial energy transition, all while valorizing the unique character of this intimate urban botanical garden.

In collaboration with Kollektif landscape, Daidalos Peutz, Frans Zwinkels and Studio K


Announcement Fundraiser

Kom op tegen Kanker – 100 km run

NU architectuuratelier supports Kom op tegen Kanker (Fight against Cancer)!

On March 17th, Charlotte, Jarno, Tim, and Armand, four dedicated NU-colleagues, will run 100 km during the Kom op tegen Kanker-run in Halle. The goal is to raise a minimum of 2,500 euros to aid those affected by cancer and support cancer research. We need your help to boost our team by sponsoring their athletic endeavor! Back our team and make a donation through our team page (donations of 40 euros or more are also tax-deductible.) We thank you in advance for your support and encouragement!

To further support this cause, NU will exclusively sell photo prints from our exhibition ‘PLAY’ at Bozar, that ends on January 28th. The entire proceeds from this sale will be donated to Kom op tegen Kanker. If you wish to acquire a beautiful photo from the exhibition while simultaneously supporting this noble cause, stay tuned to our social media for more information about the sale later this week.


Announcement Publication

Book ‘Exploring NU Architectuuratelier’

To mark the occasion of our exhibition ‘Play’ at BOZAR, A+ Architecture in Belgium, Bozar, in collaboration with Verlag Walther and Franz König, released our inaugural monograph titled ‘Exploring NU architectuuratelier.’ Conducting a thorough and transparent exploration, Halewijn Lievens and Armand Eeckels delve into the various themes and anecdotes that bind their work, uncovering the underlying connections and inspirations shaping NU’s architectural approach. The book’s second section features an essay by Stefan Devoldere, chronicling the office’s winding journey, with their projects acting as guiding milestones. The publication concludes with a comprehensive portfolio showcasing our projects, complete with plans and a diverse array of images.

Secure your copy now by ordering via Copyright Bookshops or on the A+ website.

Exploring NU architectuuratelier:

  • 208 pages
  • 27 x 21 cm
  • English
  • ISBN: 9783753305127
  • Price: 38€

Interview Lecture

A+session and lecture: watch now

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘PLAY. NU architectuuratelier’ and the publication of the book ‘Exploring NU architectuuratelier’, Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens took part in the A+ Session, a duo-interview  available on Youtube where they are asked to choose between two often contradictory concepts, sometimes facing dilemmas. On the Youtube channel of A+ you can also find the full extract of the lecture that Armand and Halewijn gave on the opening night of the “PLAY.” exhibition in Bozar.

You can find both videos here.

Picture by Marin Driguez



Nieuwenhoven is public

Last weekend, the Nieuwenhoven Provincial Domain showed its upcoming plans to the public. We designed a master plan that aims to optimize the domain so that it can be an example of how human efforts can contribute to improving the natural environment. An ambitious story that uses landscape and architectural interventions to increase biodiversity and raise public awareness. A new reception pavilion, designed in a sustainable and circular way, is embedded in the landscape and brings visitors closer to nature. It will be built without the use of cement or concrete and aims for maximum accessibility with accessibility label A++.

Client: Province of Limburg

In collaboration with: Dethier (design and build), BuroLandschap (landscape)

Engineering office: Sweco

More info here.



Pompidou – Interview with Halewijn Lievens

On 15th of November Halewijn Lievens was a guest on Radio Klara, in the show Pompidou hosted by Chantal Pattyn. The conversation freely navigated the 20 years of experiences of NUarchitectuuratelier, from the very beginnings until the most recent achievements, including the ongoing ‘Play’ exhibition and the ‘Exploring NUarchitectuuratelier’ publication, as well as some key projects along the way.

You can listen to the full interview on the website of Radio Klara and VRTmax.




Exhibition “PLAY”

Our monographic exhibition co-produced with A+ and Bozar “PLAY. Explorations by NU architectuuratelier” has opened up to the public!

On 17th of October things were kicked off in BOZAR with an introductory lecture by our own Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens in the Zaal M, followed by a reception in the Horta Hall and a vernissage where guests could already enjoy the exhibition in full. Thanks to everyone who came to show their support and appreciation, what a blast it’s been! You can see some pictures of the event on our IG page here.

The exhibition can be visited everyday until the 28th of January 2024 and it’s open to everyone, adults and kids and everything in between. Every Wednesday afternoon, StudioABC(Art Basics for Children) offers children the chance to take part in interactive activities in the last room of the ‘Play’ exhibition, you can find more information on their website. More news about guided tours of the exhibition will follow, so stay tuned and follow us on our socials to be up to date on everything.

A publication on our work ‘Exploring NU-architectuuratelier’, published in collaboration with Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König (Köln), is available for purchase in the Bozar Bookshop, on the website of A+ Architecture in Belgium and in Copyright Bookshops.

Coproduction: BOZAR, A+ Architecture in Belgium
Sponsors : Acasa, Gavra, Koers, Studio Barabas, Driesen
With the support of the Flemish Government

Picture by Marin Driguez



We won the Open Call competition “Landscape connection Ghenk center – Kattevennen”

We are proud to announce that we have won the open competition “Landscape connection Ghenk centre – Kattevennen”. The valley landscape between the city centre of Ghenk and Kattevennen domain, a supra-regional gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park has the potential to become a meaningful link in the context of climate transitions and a forward-looking view of the role of city centres and quality of life in an urban environment.
Our masterplan proposal aims to reconnect, enrich and restore the natural ecosystems in this valley landscape in a coherent park valley system. This “Connector” will spontaneously attract people from the city to the National Park, draw nature into the city and connect people and their play, sport, art, education… with nature.

In collaboration with Overlant.



Announcement Exhibition

Play exploring NU architectuuratelier

PLAY. Explorations by NU architectuuratelier

This autumn A+ and Bozar are highlighting our work in an exhibition “Play. Explorations by NU architectuuratelier” from the 18th of October until the 28th of January at Bozar in Brussels. This exhibition is part of a series on Belgian architecture firms that have attracted international attention in recent years.
With a playful approach we aim to address a wide audience, including workshops for schools and families in collaboration with ABC Brussels. We explore our works and want to bring back architecture to its foundations and thus awaken interest in the profession, even beyond the boundaries of the discipline.
We are grateful for this opportunity and hope to welcome you all there!

A publication on our work published in collaboration with Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König (Köln) will also appear on the occasion.

More info: A+ or Bozar

Coproduction: BOZAR, A+ Architecture in Belgium
Sponsors : Acasa, Gavra, Koers, Studio Barabas, Driesen
With the support of the Flemish Government



We won the competition for the Kasteel van Heers

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded first prize in a competition for the development of an open-ended master plan for the threatened historical site of Kasteel van Heers in Limburg.

The winning proposal was developed in collaboration with architecture office Sabine Okkerse and landscape design office Overlant. The core team is supported by the expertise of researchers and practitioners from HO Gent, Mieco-effect, Idea Consult and building historian Anneleen Cassiman.



Building permit for ICC Gent

We are happy to announce the submission of a building permit for the International Conference Center – ICC Gent, an ambitious reconversion of a brutalist eyecatcher. The project is a first step in redefining the building cluster at the centre of the Citadelpark.

In collaboration with 51N4E.
Team: Ingenium, Bollinger Grohmann, Plant en Houtgoed, Kahle and Jan de Moffarts.



NU in dS Magazine

Last weekend, we were happy to be included in the architecture special of dS Magazine.



Join the conversation about Floralies Hal

The Floralies Hal in Ghent is carefully opening up its doors to the surrounding park again. Informal round table talks about the future of the Hal are organised by Artshizzle. People walking by, users of the park and people from the neighbourhood can all join the conversation and talk about their stories, memories or dreams for the Floralies Hal. The next talks will take place at 3 PM on the 12, 15 and 16 October.
More information about the project can be found here.
Since we will soon start designing a new vision for the Floralies Hal together with 51n4e and ALTSTADT, we look forward to hearing from its future users.
Photo (c) 019


Event Lecture

The Dementia Lab Conference 2022

NU is participating in the Dementia Lab Conference 2022 that will take place on the 20, 21 and 22 September 2022 in Leuven.
Established in 2016, the Dementia Lab is a growing community that continues to build on a legacy of work done for and with people living with dementia and their surrounding context. Approached from an inclusive, participatory and person-centered perspective, the Dementia Lab Conference allows for focused discussion with like-minded designers, researchers, carers and other professionals operating within this domain.
You can get tickets to the conference here.



Guided tour to Huis Perrekes with VAI

On Saturday 27th of August VAI organises an excursion to the projects Sporthaven in Mortsel and our project, Huis Perrekes in Oosterlo. The architects will give a unique insight into their design process. This will be followed by an evening debate in De Singel with Newrope (ETH Zurich) moderating a dialogue between the participants and the architects.
This is an opportunity to experience the architecture from the Care for Space exhibition on location and reflect together with the architects on how the designed living environment can contribute to a better future.
You can register for the individual activities here.



Future Healthcare Design award

We are happy to announce that the Joseph Bracops hospital project has won the Future Healthcare Design award at the European Healthcare Design Congress held in London from 13 to 15 June. 

The project is being realised in collaboration with Archipelago, Mc², Ellyps, Matriciel and Buur.



Prefigurations: an exhibition on Architecture and Transitions

We are happy to announce that one of our projects, Huis Perrekes is part of ‘PREFIGURATIONS, an Exhibition on Architecture and Transitions’ organised by Architecture Workroom Brussels.

The exhibition takes place in a former call centre in the Avenue Pacheco 34, first floor, in Brussels and will be on display from 9 June to 13 July and from 20 August to 23 October 2022. Read more about it here.



Exhibition ‘Care for Space for Care’

We are delighted that our project for Huis Perrekes is included as part of a new exhibition ‘Care for Space for Care: Scenes from Flanders and Brussels’, by Vlaams Architectuurinstituut and De Singel at De Singel, Antwerp from 28 May – 11 September 2022.

The exhibition highlights nine recent projects with a focus on the process, the people involved and the previous research. ‘Care for Space for Care: Scenes from Flanders and Brussels’ provokes questions around the ecological and social role of architecture. Tickets are available here.



Exhibition ‘Urban Renewal is People’s Work’

Our Centers project in Borgerhout will appear in a short film as part of the travelling exhibition ‘Urban Renewal is People’s Work’ from this Thursday 28 April in the Lamot Congrescentrum in Mechelen.

Read more about the exhibition on the Architecture Workroom Brussels website.

Date: April 28, 17.00 to 20.00
Location: Lamot Congrescentrum, Mechelen



Exhibition ‘Nice out Here: architecture in rural areas’

The new exhibition ‘Nice out Here: architecture in rural areas’ for DAM Architekturmuseum, showcases our project for dementia care organisation in Huis Perrekes in the village of Oosterlo, BE. The project is featured amongst 70 outstanding examples of rural architecture across Europe.

The exhibition at the open air museum Hessenpark, DE can be visited until 27 November 2022.



New care project in Kessel

We are delighted to announce our winning proposal for a new care neighbourhood and the construction of a community care home, a residential care centre and a group care home in Kessel.

Conceived as a well-considered linking of four building sections, the volumes form an ensemble around a forecourt; a village balcony to the landscape.

In collaboration with Plusoffice architects, Raamwerk, Plant en Houtgoed, ELD and ingenium.



ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards

Two of our recent projects, the Reception Buildings Botanical Garden Meise and the house on Bagattenstraat are nominees for the ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards.

The ethos behind the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award is simple: their readers vote to decide the best architecture of the year in 15 categories.

You can vote for the Reception buildings in Meise here and for the house on Bagattenstraat here.



Community consultation for Vlinderhof

As part of the design process of our Vlinderhof project in Biezenmortel, the Netherlands, we recently set up a room on site to present the project to the community of the care organisation.

The new care project will house 52 people with somatic and behavioural disorder symptoms. The project’s aim is to contribute qualitatively to the social, spatial and mental wellbeing of the residents, with particular attention given to high quality outdoor spaces, communal areas and a sense of homeliness.

In collaboration with: Bureau Eau, Goudstikker De Vries and Klictet




As part of this year’s AUDITORIUM lecture series, Halewijn Lievens will be giving a lecture in response to the theme Slow Space. The talk, Cradle Bed, reflects our project for Huis Perrekes, a care home which provides residential support for people suffering from dementia in the most recognisable, domestic setting possible.

27 October 2021, 20h | College De Valk Aula 01.13 | Tiensestraat 41 | 3000 Leuven. Tickets and further details are available here.



Dag van de Architectuur

We are delighted to share the programme at Huis Perrekes for Dag van de Architectuur on Sunday 17 October 2021. Here are some highlights to look out for:
Guided tours by Halewijn Lievens (NU architectuuratelier) and Ester Goris (Studio Ester Goris).
Debate on living and care today and in the future with Hans Claus, Dr. Ri De Ridder, François Mylle, Erik Wieërs and Luk Zelderloo.
Scenography curated by ISLANDS (Emma Filippides and Ben Rea), featuring reflections by ISLANDS, a short film by Ingel Vaikla and artworks by residents of Huis Perrekes.

Register to attend and see the programme here.



How and where do we want to grow old?

An entrepreneur with a villa in a charming Flemish village dreams of turning his house into a place where like-minded people can grow old together in dignity. Together with him, NU investigated possible alternatives to the retirement home in this small self-published publication.

The research question goes far beyond architecture and building alone; new forms of living together are being considered. This kind of project is as innovative as it is fragile. NU is very interested in entering into a dialogue with people from different disciplines who are working on similar projects. Let us know if you are interested in participating in this dialogue.



Masterplan for an inner area of a building block in Hoboken, Antwerp

The general concept of our design focuses on a high-quality meeting space as the structuring fabric. The result aims to create mutual added value for the inhabitants and the newly opened up inner area by being a varied outdoor space where the programme of the local service centre, the housing and the local residents reinforce each other. By offering the surrounding gardens access to the space, a support base for the design is created in the neighbourhood. This gives the central square a strong public character.

Building is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year.



Opening of the reception buildings of the Botanical Garden Meise

On the 30th June, the official opening of the reception buildings of the Botanical Garden Meise was celebrated with a pleasant walk through the garden and along the different projects.

We really enjoyed collaborating with Archipelago, studiebureau Mouton, studiebureau Boydens, Atelier Arne Deruyter, Madoc, Van Poppel, Formed, Hertsens and the whole team of the Botanical Garden.



New sports hall for College Hagelstein

We are happy to announce that NU is working on a new sports hall for the College Hagelstein, located in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The hall is a prominent new volume placed close to the school buildings in the back of the campus, giving new life to this overlooked part of the site.

In the new building, which features a prominent canopy, inside and outside are connected through the large window openings. The gym is located on the first floor, creating added value by making room for a dance hall and a bike stand on the ground floor. Should there be a need for it in the future, the ground floor can also house additional classrooms.



Exhibition about the new Joseph Bracops hospital in Anderlecht

To actively involve the board, the staff and all users at the Bracops hospital in Anderlecht in the changes, we set up an exhibition about the new main entrance, the new outpatient clinic and hot floor. The exhibition is situated in an unused part of a soon to be demolished hospital wing. Here we display 3D models of the future NEW BRACOPS, as well as a collection of materials we plan to use. The Bracops hospital is a pilot project on a national level due to the extent to which circular principles are being applied.

Project in collaboration with Archipelago.



Roof terrace for 11.11.11

As part of the renovation of the offices of 11.11.11 in Brussels, NU designed a roof terrace.

A painted steel staircase leads to the existing courtyard, connecting the fragmented outside spaces.



New project in Zaffelare

NU is very happy to announce we won the competition OO4005 Emiliani.

Mission: construction and renovation of housing facilities for people with mental disabilities in Zaffelare.

NU is looking forward to the thorough renovation of the existing doctor’s house and the erection of a new building in the characteristic wooded garden. Together with Emiliani vzw, NU wants to make this place a new home for the 28 residents, their families and caregivers, and create a generous place that encourages encounters and activities between residents and the neighbourhood to the best of everyone’s ability.



Circular garden bench

This bench has moveable wooden beams to adjust the distance. You can increase the distance when used around a campfire, or decrease it for an intimate talk.

The bench was designed for Huis Perrekes, a place that has been providing care and guidance to people with dementia in Oosterlo since 1986.

Design: NU architectuuratelier

Picture: Jan Nys, direction: Io Hendrickx



Masterplan research for UZ Leuven campus Gasthuisberg

As part of the masterplan on the public spaces of the campus, NU searches for a unifying identity for the hospital through welcoming spaces, infrastructure, materiality, visual language and ergonomics. Together with awg architecten NU is designing the future public entrance to the hospital site. A sloping landscape guides the visitor to the forecourt of the campus in a natural way. This urban square forms a balcony looking out on the city of Leuven. NU works on an intermediate scale, somewhere between furniture and architecture, fitting within the broader masterplan developed by awg architecten. Work in progress…



Jessa Hospital in Hasselt

Competition proposal for the new Jessa Hospital in Hasselt. A powerful landscape is made available in a generous and highly accessible way to both the direct users of the hospital as well as the ancillary functions and the wider environment.

The structuring park connection along the length of the site forms the boundary between the urban and rural parts of the campus.

Spaces for patients and visitors are organised in maximum contact with the green outdoor area.



Furniture research for UZ Leuven Campus Gasthuisberg

As part of the masterplan on the public spaces of the campus, NU searches for a unifying identity for the hospital through welcoming spaces, infrastructure, materiality, visual language and ergonomy.

Shown here is our research for the development of a seating element. The bench becomes a solid cushion through its geometry. Wood is used for inside, concrete for outside.

Work in progress…



Furniture design in Lille

For a new bar-restaurant in Lille, NU designed a series of chairs and tables. The pieces are made of birch multiplex and stained in a slate green colour. The assembly of the pieces was done using only wood glue.

Made in collaboration with KUNNIG.



Masterplan for building cluster in Citadelpark, Ghent

Through the assignment for the masterplan for the building cluster in the Citadelpark, NU architectuuratelier, in collaboration with 51N4E, is developing its new role in the largest city park of Ghent. In this new vision the Floraliënhal will become a passable extension of the park. An urban foyer hosting the new S.M.A.K, the renovated ICC, Kuipke and Flor.



Reconversion of the ICC in Ghent

NU architectuuratelier, in collaboration with 51N4E, is working on the reconversion of the ICC, a brutalist international conference center in the Citadelpark in Ghent. Our team’s aim is to turn it into a new state of the art building. We want to create a new exploitation of a compact building with a strong relationship to the Floraliënhal and the surrounding park.



Reception structure in Meise

The construction of the reception structure in the botanical garden of Meise is coming along nicely…



Competition in Meise

NU architectuuratelier is thrilled to announce we won the competition for the renovation of ‘het Pachthof’ and the Castle of Bouchout in the Botanical Garden of Meise.



The cradle bed

The cradle bed, in development with Huis Perrekes, is in small production and ready to be tested in different settings and environments.

The bed as a micro architectural space is an existential inspiration for many of our projects.



A new garden for Botanical Garden Meise, accessible for cars and buses.

NU architectuuratelier / OMGEVING is proud to have been selected together with a team of experts for the design and implementation of a landscaped integrated parking. It will complete the reception infrastructure that NU designed and that is currently under construction. Its focus will be to restore nature and to tackle the noise pollution coming from the A12 highway.



Refurbishment in San Antonio, Ibiza

A new exciting challenge for NU architectuuratelier: the refurbishment of a traditional house at the seaside in San Antonio, Ibiza.



NU bike trip

From the 21st to the 23rd of September, NU architectuuratelier organized a bike trip with the office. During these three days, we visited seven NU projects across Flanders.




NU architectuuratelier is proud to present the Stokkenmanroute: a 4,2 km walk through the forest of Kattevennen where you can discover friendly and strange looking gigantic figures called the Stokkenmannen.
Listen to the stories of the Stokkenmannen with the app on your smartphone and play the family game.



NU will rethink the building cluster in the Citadelpark in Ghent

We are very excited to announce that NU architectuuratelier, in collaboration with 51N4E, won the ambitious open call to rethink the building cluster in the Citadelpark in Ghent and to redefine its urban role and spatial integration in the landscape. Our aim is to develop the Citadelpark as a garden for the neighborhood and as an attractive park for the citizens of Ghent. We want to transform the Floraliënhal into a synergizing space for all surrounding partners like S.M.A.K., ICC and Kuipke and create opportunities for local and temporal activities.