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Care home for people with behavioural and somatic difficulties

The new residential project in Biezenmortel will house 52 people with somatic and behavioural needs. The purpose of the houses is to make a qualitative contribution to the social, spatial and mental well-being of the residents, while giving special attention to high-quality spaces and a balance between autonomy and security.

With the project, NU wants to create a place which enables pleasant, small-scale living in a care context. In the building, living and its rituals are paramount. At the same time the architecture responds to the practicalities of supported living. There will be six spacious homes, each with their own orientation, so that each group of residents have their own entrance and garden.

The kitchen as the heart of the home

Each community group, consisting of nine residents, will have a communal kitchen. The kitchen is always centrally located and surrounded by various living areas.

Because of its open, central character, the kitchen becomes a welcoming meeting place that contributes to the positive experience of the residents. Cooking can become a meaningful way to spend the day, and the smells of cooking contribute to the homely character of the rooms.

The kitchen and its activities support the presence of the caregivers and thus create a familiar and safe environment for the residents. The communal living room, divided into several living areas of varying sizes, feels intimate. There is a place to suit everyone.

Versatile experience of the outdoor areas

Landpark Assisië, the site of which Vlinderhof is a part, is a green and wooded area. To fully enjoy this, almost every community has its own outdoor space.

In order not to isolate the site and its residents, an exchange between life in Vlinderhof and the outside world is dealt with informally. On the street side, a public park route runs across the plot. In addition, part of the garden and a large roof terrace and studio are open to the public, ensuring spontaneous encounters and a wide use of the outdoor spaces.

The project optimises contact with the natural surroundings, also for the two communities on the first floor. They can enjoy large sheltered roof terraces which link up directly with the residential units.

  • client Prisma
  • location Biezenmortel (NL)
  • date 2019 - 2024
  • status building permit
  • icw Bureau eau (implementation file)
  • engineering office Klictet: installations and techniques; Goudstikker De Vries: stability; Cauberghuygen: acoustics
  • photography Emma Filippides
  • team NU Esmeralda Bierma, Fien Deruyter, Sarah Callewaert, Stefan Hooijmans, Tim Van Verdegem, Sophia Holst, Bert Stoffels, Juliette Beaufils