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Stokkenman route

Design and development of an adventure route through the Kattevennen forests

As one of the gateways to the Hoge Kempen National Park, Kattevennen has created a new walk for visitors and casual passers-by alike.

NU architectuuratelier and KAB Mathilde Geens developed enormous wooden figures as mysterious inhabitants of the forest.

Spread over a 4.2 km route, the stick men tell a story inspired by fantasy and wonder, highlighting various aspects of the surrounding nature such as the forest, the trees and the cosmos (link with the Cosmodrome).

The walk can be experienced in three ways: as an accidental discovery where the figures are able to speak for themselves; as a discovery with a listening story, app or publication; or with an accompanying game with an educational component for schools, for example.

In their simplicity, the stick men appeal to the imagination and inspire walkers in the forests.

The walk becomes an adventure in which visitors not only learn the story of these mysterious figures, but also start looking at the forest in a completely different way.

The signposts are also involved in the story as miniature stick men who guide the way by looking in the right direction.

  • client Kattevennen vzw
  • location Genk
  • date 2020
  • status finished
  • icw Kab. Mathilde Geens
  • realisation Atento
  • photography City of Genk and NU architectuuratelier
  • team NU Bert Stoffels