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Reception buildings botanical garden Meise

Development of a new reception concept in a landscape-enhancing architecture

This design is an architectural landscape that gives a powerful and innovative impulse to a visit to the botanical garden in Meise. The botanical garden currently has two entrances with a low-quality boundary between inside and outside.

The enclosure of the botanical garden is pulled inwards, creating two inviting reception areas.

The ticket buildings are small and uninviting. NU architectuuratelier aims to transform the existing structure into an attractive space for visitors and a pleasant workplace for employees and researchers. This will be done by transforming the entrance into a welcoming and inviting space.

The transparent cross figure of the canopy structure orders the space

The strength of the new reception structure lies in the contrast between the horizontal architecture and the verticality of the surrounding trees. By developing a low building into an awning structure, interior and exterior spaces merge seamlessly into one another.

Canopy structure along the Avenue of Honour

The building is present, yet subordinate to its existing landscape. At the same time, new and inviting squares are organised at both entrances, bringing the public domain into the garden.

The reception structures have different functions. There is a tourist reception, a garden shop, a small catering point, a multifunctional hall, guest rooms, the offices for the public and the caretakers’ houses. NU architectuuratelier is consciously committed to a smart combination of flexibility, sustainability and far-reaching pragmatism.

The project also includes the restoration and redevelopment of the former Flemish farmstead on the grounds.

  • client Agentschap Plantentuin Meise
  • location Meise, Belgium
  • date 2016 - present
  • status under construction
  • icw Archipelago ar-te (architect – execution and sustainability)
  • realisation Van Poppel, Formed, Hertsens
  • engineering office studiebureau Mouton cvba (stability) and Atelier Arne Deruyter (landscape design)
  • team NU Matteo Lampaert, Sarah Callewaert, Daniela Mikova, Michaela Markova, Marie Bemelmans