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Magazine Club

Furnishing a nightclub in the centre of Lille

This one of a kind nightclub is located in the basement of a school. The concept is based on the black box inherent to nightlife, within which the memory of the reality of architecture is pushed back. The lighting design and some specific elements such as the smoking area, the bar, the lounge, the VIP area and the toilets become the new frame of reference. Magazine Club is located in an old industrial building with very harsh acoustics. By providing a grid of acoustic baffles over the entire ceiling, a lot of absorption is created, making the music sound clear and stand out.

The spaciousness of this baffle grid is graphically underlined by controlled light lines. This variable light structure extends throughout the room. The result is a fascinating interplay between the unity of the expanding room on the one hand and, on the other, the possibility of using lighting programming to create divisions and animate the ceiling dynamically.

Subtle level differences define the relationships between different parts of the club. Sometimes you have an overview of the entire space, as when entering, in the VIP area and the lounge, and other times you only experience the space you are in and are completely immersed in the event, as on the dance floor and at the bar.

The legally required smoking area is conceived as a lit-up viewing box. In contrast to the dark space of the club, this room is harsh and graphic. The smoker becomes an actor for whom the club disappears behind the reflection of the tile pattern on the glass.

  • client Musikprod
  • location Lille (FR)
  • date 2010
  • status finished
  • contractor PROBAM NV
  • photography Stijn Bollaert
  • team NU Christophe Pham