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Kattevennen Connector

Master vision with development plan and realization of a quickwin for a landscape connection between the city center and the Kattevennen domain in Genk

The city of Genk wants to focus on an experienceable landscape for its residents and visitors and on a future-proof city center. The landscape between the city center of Genk and the Kattevennen domain, gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park, has the potential to become a meaningful connection that meets these objectives. Today, the area includes the Molenvijverpark, a wet area in the valley of the Dorpsbeek that has been laid out as a city park with landscaped pond complexes and a wooded area towards Kattevennen with mainly pine forest that was planted for the mining activity.

Through a better alignment and connection with each other, both locations can be strengthened, and the area as a whole can become more attractive and readable. The master plan aims to connect, enrich, and restore the natural ecosystems present in this valley landscape into one coherent valley system.

This “Connector” in the future will lead people from the city to the National Park in a spontaneous way but will also bring nature right into the city, connecting people and their sports, games, arts, and education with nature.

As a precursor to the implementation of the master plan, we are designing a quickwin to be realized in the short term. With this quickwin we want to strengthen the identity of Kattevennen as a gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park and make the theme of the macrocosm and space of the Cosmodrome (planetarium) visible and experienceable closer to the city.

  • client CIty of Ghenk
  • location Ghenk
  • date 2023 - current
  • status preliminary design
  • icw Overlant Landschapsarchitecten