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Furnishing the studio of the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester in the Ravenstein Gallery in Brussels

This project arose from a request by the Flemish government’s architecture team to set up a working and presentation space in the Ravenstein Gallery in Brussels. The aim was to make the work of the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester and the spatial policy of the Flemish government visible to partners, stakeholders and the general public.

The space in the Ravenstein Gallery is an enfilade of showcases. The goal of the ‘visible architect’ is spontaneously and unambiguously realised in an inherently public, but previously lifeless place. The entire space embraces the public passage of the Ravenstein Gallery. Open views, coulisse effects and changing perspectives are part of the spatial language NU uses to emphasise this openness. Separated only by thin glass, a fragile relationship between inside and outside is created and this urban space is reanimated.

The spatial concept is a composition of seemingly independent elements, designed from their functionality that exhibits the functioning of the studio. With an idiosyncratic detailing and strategic arrangement of functions, spaces are created that allow for flexible and dynamic use. The result is an open and generous piece of city living that gives new life to the tired gallery. Project made in close collaboration with Nick Top.

Five interventions define the space:

  • Two rows of white, steel presentation panels allow the large space to be flexibly divided. Finished with felt backs, the panels contribute to the room’s acoustics
  • A blue steel library with rotating cabinets are able to form an adjustable screen for a more private office zone
  • Two layers of curtains allow the presentation area to be closed off, with gradients of transparency and acoustic reduction
  • Kitchen with aluminium cooking island is situated against the display cabinet, a hanging storage case houses the sink
  • A translucent door in corrugated sheet metal separates the kitchen and the library
  • client Team Vlaams Bouwmeester
  • location Brussels
  • date 2011
  • status completed
  • icw Nick Top
  • photography Stijn Bollaert, Filip Dujardin
  • team NU Halewijn Lievens