NU architectuuratelier is a working platform for intense architecture and design research, led by Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens. Since its foundation in 2004, the office has had the ambition to develop and question spatial, material and landscape projects in close exchange with its clients. Through its empathetic approach to design, NU wants to contribute in a qualitative way to our social, spatial and mental environments.

While NU’s intense approach to architecture has led to a variety of individually distinct projects, the ambitions for its projects originate from a deep interest in culture, the public and the welfare of people. NU strives for tactile and essential architecture by combining large and small-scale projects, elevating functional expectations to inspiration. At its core, NU architectuuratelier wants to develop empathetic architecture that is close to the individuals who interact with it.


Aga BatkiewiczAldo RoozeArmand EeckelsArthur De KeyserCharlotte VynckeChristoph FoqueEmma HeeneFelice Van TieghemFrancesco MinoHalewijn LievensIvana BrzovicJarno VerlindeJason LadriganKonstantijn VerbruggeOlivier Van CalsterSarah CallewaertTim Van Verdegem

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