NU architectuuratelier

NU architectuuratelier is a platform for intense architecture and design research, led by Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens. The office was founded in 2004 in Ghent (Belgium), and has the ambition to develop and to question spatial, material and landscape projects in close interaction with its clients. NU wants to contribute in a qualitative way to our social, spatial and mental environment.

NU does not distinguish between architecture and interior; it designs both furniture and interiors as part of the architecture. The making itself remains very consciously part of the architectuuratelier. Samples and prototypes are developed for own and external projects.

With a wide variety of realized and valued projects, the in-depth approach to architecture has resulted in a series of special projects. NU strives for tactile, essential architecture by combining large and small scale projects, thus upgrading functional expectations to inspiration.


  • Armand Eeckels
  • Arthur De Keyser
  • Charlotte Vyncke
  • Christoph Foque
  • Esmeralda Bierma
  • Felice Van Tieghem
  • Fien Deruyter
  • Francesco Mino
  • Giulia Ciuffoletti
  • Halewijn Lievens
  • Jarno Verlinde
  • Jose Ignacio Castellitti
  • Konstantijn Verbrugge
  • Olivier Van Calster
  • Ruth Van de steene
  • Sarah Callewaert
  • Stefan Hooijmans
  • Tim Van Verdegem
  • Timotheus De Beir
  • Willem Broekaert

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