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House Haeck

Construction of a maximised family home

With this compact terraced house, the experience of living next to one another is intensified. Shoulder to shoulder, pressed together like a collection of living worlds. The spatial concept maximises the potential of the property.

On the inside, this solidly built house links spaces with a great variety of views and internal relationships.

The sculptural character ensures that daylight penetrates deep into the rooms. The large amount of space required means that part of the living space is located underground. Adjacent to this deeper room is a high-quality English courtyard with a planted staircase. These green steps and the enclosed courtyard form an intimate space where the house and garden flow into one another. The sunken character of the outdoor space connects the house with the sky and the crests of the forest behind.

A simple tile envelopes the house like armour. On the street side, this shell is broken by an oversized window in the kitchen area that provides a view of the street while cooking.

A high-performance insulation shell, an elaborate heating concept and robust materials come together in a sustainable building. The house is a comfortable condensed space that reinterprets and maximises the typology of the terraced house within strict urban planning constraints. Moreover, the building is designed in such a way that the residents can continue to live there in the long term, even if they become less mobile.

  • client private
  • location Sint-Martens-Latem
  • date 2015
  • status finished
  • engineering office ingenieur Arthur De Roover
  • photography Stijn Bollaert
  • team NU Saar Tilleman