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Bank van de Arbeid

The Bank van de Arbeid by architect Oscar Van de Voorde is a neo-classical former bank building that radiates dignity and grandeur. NU’s design contains a few targeted interventions that offers the building a fresh appearance in a subtle manner.

The ground floor has been transformed into an inviting space where sogent’s urban development work and projects can be discovered in various exhibition rooms. A balance is sought between a contemporary design and use of materials and the existing architecture. White-painted steel seeks out the confrontation with the existing building. In this way, the new elements are clearly distinguished from the existing structure. The signage is attuned to the design of the exhibition space. Silent steel flags literally and figuratively become the new signboard for the company.

  • client Sogent
  • location Ghent
  • date 2015
  • status finished
  • icw Kab. Mathilde Geens
  • realisation Atento
  • photography Stijn Bollaert
  • team NU Freek Dendooven, Marie Bemelmans