Book ‘Exploring NU Architectuuratelier’

To mark the occasion of our exhibition ‘Play’ at BOZAR, A+ Architecture in Belgium, Bozar, in collaboration with Verlag Walther and Franz König, released our inaugural monograph titled ‘Exploring NU architectuuratelier.’ Conducting a thorough and transparent exploration, Halewijn Lievens and Armand Eeckels delve into the various themes and anecdotes that bind their work, uncovering the underlying connections and inspirations shaping NU’s architectural approach. The book’s second section features an essay by Stefan Devoldere, chronicling the office’s winding journey, with their projects acting as guiding milestones. The publication concludes with a comprehensive portfolio showcasing our projects, complete with plans and a diverse array of images.

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Exploring NU architectuuratelier:

  • 208 pages
  • 27 x 21 cm
  • English
  • ISBN: 9783753305127
  • Price: 38€